29 May 2019 - 16th EIHA Hemp Conference, 4-6 June
CannaWell's Catherine Wilson, MD is a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA.org) who are the industry voice promoting all things hemp. This years' conference will be attended by 400 leading figures of the industry from 49 countries!  Catherine will be holding two presentations - 'The Future for Hemp - an environmental perspective' and 'EU History of Hemp Flowers and Leaves Consumed in Food – it is NOT Novel'.
Speakers will cover key topics of hemp.  As an environmentally friendly industry we are starting to make the Dream Come True and it is Hard Work.  The Hemp industry can now use all parts of the hemp crop, the stalk for Fibres and Shives and the seeds, leaves and flowers for protein rich foods, drinks and health promoting food supplements, your much loved CBD oils.  It will be a pleasure to speak with colleagues in farming, constructions, paper, plastic composites, the food industry and to speak with our international colleagues from India, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, the US and many more countries.  
We all believe that Hemp can bring real solutions and has an enormous contribution to play in mitigating the environmental emergency.   
We started in 2014 and CannaWell was formally set up in 2015 with a passion and commitment to offer genuine premium quality hemp CBD oils for your health and wellbeing.  We have always gone the extra mile and are thrilled that both the Hemp CBD and Hemp Balance range are now certified organic.  Our oils are pure and 100% natural.  We've also taken the opportunity to update our website and hope you find it even more easy to use.  December 2018
Prior to hemp, Catherine Wilson, MD & Founder of CannaWell worked for 10 years in a senior role in the environment sector. Her passion and care for the planet and people is infectious. Here Catherine speaks briely at the British Hemp Association (BHA) networking event in London about the urgent need for legislative change so that our farmers can grow hemp and utilise the whole plant.  The hemp community is full of skilled and experienced entrepreneurs, keen to invest in R&D for the development of environmentally responsible products, such as bio-plastics, composites, paper amongst many other opportunities.
Photo:  Hemp in Focus, November 2018
September 2019 - British Hemp Association's (BHA) networking event in London got a great review from Cannabis News World:
"The hemp industry in the UK is growing faster than anyone had ever anticipated and in the last few years we have seen major changes in the law and in peoples perception about the forbidden plant. This daring entrepreneurs are now on the commercial highway of a sector that has been carefully walking on the sidewalk for many years. It was therefore about time someone pulled everyone together in the same room and got them talking to each other.
So what was the 1st British Hemp Association networking event like? One word. Awesome and we have the pictures to prove it.
Held in West London, W8 at the Ecofetes Studio, the event itself was SOLD OUT a few days in advance and when I got there the place was already packed with the most creative bunch of people that the industry has to offer. The BHA say that they are a coalition of hemp companies representing every link of the product chain, from seed to shelf. However from what i ve experienced they are much more than that. They offer a place where hemp cannabis businesses can find help and support as well as a way to connect with like minded people and expand their business opportunities."  Source: CannabisNewsWorld.com
CannaWell are a founder member of the BHA.
The production of hemp is carbon negative, which means it absorbs more carbon from atmosphere during it's growth than is emitted by equipment used to harvest, process and transport it.  In the UK, a hectare of hemp can absorb approx 15 tonnes of CO2 per growth cycle.  
September 2019 - Despite a scorching summer, the hemp grew well and remained green.  Catherine Wilson, our MD, was checking out a hemp field due to be harvested the next day.  
Can you see how tall hemp grows?  
It is an absolute pleasure to work with this magnificent plant and offer you gently extracted and carefully crafted hemp CBD food supplements to support your health and wellbeing.
Bees need pollen to feed their young, and during the trap survey in August 2016, there weren’t a lot of other flowers blooming. “You walk through fields and you hear buzzing everywhere,” O’Brien said. He caught big bumblebees, tiny metallic-green sweat bees and many others clambering around in the abundant greenish-yellow pollen shed by the male flowers.  Source: Science News
VegFest Brighton

We are delighted to have been invited to speak at the VegFest Exhibition in Brighton, the weekend of the 27th and 28th of February 2016, along with other industry colleagues.  As part of the Vegan Exhibition there is also a special Hemp Expo section where I will contribute to the raising of awareness of the nutritional value of CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) - What Can It Do For Me?

My presentation will help people better understand what CBD is, how cannabinoids synergistically affect our EndoCannabinoid system (ECS) and how you can personally benefit from taking CBD. I will also cover the different types of CBD products that are on the market and what you should look out for when considering buying a CBD food supplement.

Link to: VegFest Brighton 2016 Hemp Talks 

I've had the pleasure of speaking to Deej Sullivan who interviewed us about our CBD oils.  It got published in CannaBusiness.com.