29 May 2019 - 16th EIHA Hemp Conference, 4-6 June
CannaWell's Catherine Wilson, MD is a board member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA.org) who are the industry voice promoting all things hemp. This years' conference will be attended by 400 leading figures of the industry from 49 countries!  Catherine will be holding two presentations - 'The Future for Hemp - an environmental perspective' and 'EU History of Hemp Flowers and Leaves Consumed in Food – it is NOT Novel'.
Speakers will cover key topics of hemp.  As an environmentally friendly industry we are starting to make the Dream Come True and it is Hard Work.  The Hemp industry can now use all parts of the hemp crop, the stalk for Fibres and Shives and the seeds, leaves and flowers for protein rich foods, drinks and health promoting food supplements, your much loved CBD oils.  It will be a pleasure to speak with colleagues in farming, constructions, paper, plastic composites, the food industry and to speak with our international colleagues from India, Thailand, Brazil, Canada, the US and many more countries.  
We all believe that Hemp can bring real solutions and has an enormous contribution to play in mitigating the environmental emergency.