That's great news for the environment, bees love cannabis sativa

A recent major study has found that bees love hemp. Interesting, the taller the plants the more bee varieties and bees will flock to it. Cornell University spearheaded a research project which was published last month in the Oxford Academic, section Environmental Entomology. The study shows that bees are highly attracted to the male hemp plants, although they don't produce the sweet sugary nectar.  Female flowers however are completely ingored by bees since they don't produce actual flowers.
According to the article "hemp lacks nectar but produces an abundance of pollen during a period of floral dearth in agricultural landscapes. Hemp has the potential to provide a critical nutritional resource to a diverse community of bees during a period of floral scarcity and thereby may help to sustain agroecosystem-wide pollination services for other crops in the landscape. As cultivation of hemp increases, growers, land managers, and policy makers should consider its value in supporting bee communities and take its attractiveness to bees into account when developing pest management strategies."
Bees pollinate about one third of the world's food crops, including fruit trees such as apples, but also vegetables such as melons and broccolli. They are also needed for pollinating clover which is used for animal feeds. Most important they are needed in the natural world, for trees and flowers. We all increasingly appreciate their importance and are delighted that the amazing hemp plant has another added benefit!
The authors of the study made clear that the combination of bees plus hemp won’t mean that people should worry about cannabinoid-rich pollen sneaking it into their diets — as nice as that may sound.

You can read the full article -  HERE