Consumer education talk on CBD at the Festival of Sociel Science Week

On Saturday 7th November CannaWell has been invited to be a panellist as part of the ERSC Festival of Social Science "It's just a plant" event. The event is FREE and you can book tickets HERE.
Recent media attention about cannabidiol (CBD) treatment for childhood epilepsy framed cannabis in a sympathetic light. While access to medical cannabis continues to experience barriers, CBD oil has become a popular natural wellness product. The proliferation of CBD products created a new set of problems. CBD is now readily available in chemists, health food shops, and online sometimes with promises to alleviate a wide range of conditions; like chronic pain, anxiety and sleep problems. In addition, the labelling of CBD products is not standardised, making it difficult to distinguish between products. For example despite the natural, green and wholesome connotation of CBD, some products use synthetic CBD.
The panel discussion will examine the issues regarding classification, labelling, and self-regulation. We will also discuss how the Food Standard Agency classification of CBD as a Novel food ingredient will change the CBD industry.
Dr Yewande Okuleye. medical cannabis health strategist. Founder: Black Medical Cannabis Alliance.
Christopher Callaghan: scientist and botanic expert at Jersey Hemp 
Catherine Wilson is the Vice President of EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) and Managing Director of CannaWell, one of the UK's longest established hemp CBD companies. Catherine is a pioneer in the hemp CBD sector and will explain in simple terms what the consumer options are and what you should be aware of when choosing a CBD oil to support your health and wellbeing.
The event and discussion was designed by Dr Yewande Okuleye as part of the ERSC Festival of Social Science "It's just a plant" event. Yewande’s research in the medical and industrial use of cannabis engages the public with the historical and recent developments in both areas.