Product Earth Peterborough

Product Earth Expo is a global event aimed at educating the public, sharing innovation and promoting the progress from the Hemp and Cannabis Industries. Hemp and its associated industries play a big role in today’s societies’ as individuals will use hemp products in foods, clothing, shoes and many car manufacturers already use hemp in their body work due to its fantastic strength, lightweight and durable qualities.

Come and check out all the great Exhibitors, Live Music Acts, Seminar Speakers and the Weekend Camping Zones, all at the UK’s only Hemp Festival!

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 Product Earth is the first national event that invites both the cannabis industry and hemp sector.  The hall was full of the largest companies in the industry, from Seedsman, Barney's Farm, Sensiseeds, Royal Queen Seeds, Alibongo and many other brands offering their latest seeds catalogue.  

Being at the forefront of the hemp CBD industry in the UK, we thought we would share our products with the community.  CannaWell offered our Bluebird Botanicals crafted hemp CBD oils, the Hemp Pure, Blend which has added frankincense and black cumin seeds and the Total, all ranges available in both regular strength and 6x stronger.  The Total is special blend of 50:50 CBD/CBDA and enriched with distilled hemp terpenes.  

CBD Brothers also offered a great range with their colour coded editions, the white, red, green, blue, purple and black edition.  All are made from Cannabis sativa, except the purple edition which is a hybrid Indica oil.  They also introduced their new hemp balm, a thick textured coconut oil extraction.

Quintessential were also present distributing CannaWell products and offering their hemp paper smoking tips along other eclectic and interesting items.

Needless to say, the established cannabis industry was very interested in hemp and we feel we have done a good job to promote hemp extracts and the valuable nutrition it offers - without giving the high!

The event also attracted various news organisations, such as iSmoke, Smokersguide and we are delighted to say that Tyler Green from iSmoke also reviewed our products which can be viewed on Youtube HERE.