November 2019 - CannaWell's organic range is now available in three strengths, 2.5%, 5% and a new 10% potency.  
To make the product description even clearer for our customers, we now display both the potency and amount of cannabinoids per bottle on the label.  We have also renamed the PLUS range to 5%, which is the amount of hemp CBD extract blended with organic hempseed oil.
Hemp Balance is a holistic whole plant hemp extract containing the rich spectrum of naturally occuring hemp cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDA and traces of CBG, CBC, CBV and more. Other phyto-nutrientients include vitamins, minerals and of course terpenes, flavonoids, ketones and phenols.
Hemp CBD is ideal for those who are taste sensitive or just want CBD. This range is a genuine premium grade hemp extract blended in organic hempseed oil. It is exceptionallly mild with an almost sweet and nutty flavour.