Why Can Other Sites Make Medical Claims About CBD But Not CannaWell?

The truth is: they shouldn’t!
All companies selling food supplements must comply with the Health Claims Regulations. This means you can’t make any medicinal claims. This legislation was put into place to protect consumers from unethical sales practices and so called snake oil peddlers.
In addition, in 2016 the MHRA issued an opinion that CBD taken for medicinal reasons is a medicine and this opinion nearly stopped the free sale of hemp CBD products. After consultation with industry, we could continue to offer our hemp CBD extract as food supplements but under the clear instruction not to make any health claims. This was duly noted and accepted.
For several years hemp CBD companies have complied with both the FSA and MHRA requirements and it is with sadness and concern that we notice many new companies no longer comply and break all the rules promising that CBD can cure specific diseases or ailments, from menopausal symptoms to cancer.
It appears that companies who do make medical claims fall into one or more of three categories: uninformed, audacious, or greedy and manipulative. Some, the uninformed clearly only recently started to sell hemp CBD oils and simply don’t know the rules nor responsibilities when offering CBD products. They just don’t know that it’s illegal and immoral to share those claims in their marketing materials. The second group are the audacious ones, they know it is illegal but so strongly believe in the plant and object to government restrictions and they simply don’t care. Lastly, there are the greedy and manipulative lot; they know exactly what they do is illegal but they don’t care. Their products often don’t contain the amount of CBD that is advertised on the label either. This group knows that they will gain more customers, higher rankings in Google searches and are solely focussed on making more money by featuring often truly irresponsible and sometimes wild claims. It has come to our attention that many so called online help groups are actually company managed pages.
Our overall guidance to customers is that if a product is too cheap, it is unlikely to contain what it says or may be of low quality. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for.
CannaWell is proud that we can communicate about our products to our consumers while adhering to FSA regulations. As one of the longest established and most trusted CBD brands in the UK, we never want to give our customers false hope, but rather great focus on simply giving you the highest quality supplements to support your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our premium CBD extracts are carefully crafted to nourish your body to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing, considering your individual circumstances.
Whilst we do make some general health and wellness statements about our products, because we accept the rules and regulations, this means that we can’t always answer your questions whether CBD will help with a specific condition and, per current regulations, neither should other CBD companies.
If you are interested in trying and starting your journey with CBD, we suggest starting with 5 drops once per day and increase to 2-3 times daily, as you feel works best for you.
Keep in mind that if a lower dose or lower concentration of CBD isn’t working for you, you can try increasing the number of drops or buy the next strength up. Our CBD oils are available in 2.5%, 5% and 10%.
If you have any questions, you can phone our knowledgeable and kind office team on 0333 014 3082 Mo-Fri between 10-4pm; or Contact Us and we will respond to your questions promptly