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Hemp CBD 5%

Hemp CBD 5%

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Product Description

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A relaxed mind. For a better day.
CannaWell's Hemp CBD 5% is organically certified. It is made from a premium grade hemp extract rich in CBD and blended with organic hempseed oil. It has an exceptionally mild and smooth taste, suitable for all.
The Hemp CBD is made from outdoor grown hemp, cultivated in pristine, healthy soil and is blended with nutritious organic hemp seed oil.  The 5% is a mid- strength supplement, ideal for daily use and to support your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).
The Hemp CBD is vegan and gluten free and organically certified.
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Instructions for Use

5 drops contain 9mg CBD, take 1-3 times per day
Everyone is unique.  We therefore encourage everyone to experiment with the number of drops that works best for you !
The bottle should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, or can be refrigerated. 
Milligrams per bottle
10ml - 500mg (5%) CBD
30ml - 1,000mg (5%) CBD
60ml - 2,000mg (5%) CBD
Drops per bottle
10ml - 280 drops - 30 drops = 1ml
30ml - 850 drops - 30 drops = 1ml


1. Organic Hemp Seed Oil
2. Organic Hemp Extract
- nothing else, 100% organic.