Hemp CBD 2.5%

Hemp CBD 2.5%


Product Description

A relaxed mind. For a better day.
CannaWell's Hemp CBD is organically certified. It is made from a premium grade hemp extract rich in CBD and blended with organic hempseed oil. It has an exceptionally mild and smooth taste, suitable for all.
The Hemp CBD is made from outdoor grown hemp, cultivated in pristine, healthy soil and is blended with nutritious organic hemp seed oil.  The 2.5% is a regular strength supplement, ideal for daily use and to support your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS).
The Hemp CBD is vegan and gluten free and organically certified.
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Instructions for Use

5 drops contain 4.5mg CBD, take 1-3 times per day
Everyone is unique.  We therefore encourage everyone to experiment with the number of drops that works best for you !
The bottle should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, or can be refrigerated. 
Milligrams per bottle
10ml - 250mg (2.5%) CBD
30ml - 750mg (2.5%) CBD
60ml - 1,500mg (2.5%) CBD
Drops per bottle
10ml - 300 drops - 30 drops = 1ml
30ml - 900 drops - 30 drops = 1ml


1. Organic certified Hemp Seed Oil
2. Organic certified Hemp Extract
- nothing else, 100% organic.
1) Hemp Extract
Because the extraction used to make our oils yields a full spectrum or what is a called a whole plant extract, our hemp extracts contain over 80 different phyto-cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, and many others. In addition to high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, there are also many other types of natural molecules present such as amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins (including B1, B2, B6, D), fatty acids (including omega 3 & 6), trace minerals (including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium), beta-carotene, chlorophyll, flavanoids, ketones, nitrogenous compounds, alkanes, glycosides, pigments, water, and terpenes. The most common terpenes in our hemp extracts are Myrcene, Beta-caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Linalool, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, Nerolidol og Phytol, trans-alpha-Bergamotene, Limonene/ beta-Phellandrene (Co-elution), and alpha-Humulene.

To determine the purity and potency of every batch of Hemp Extract each individual extraction is analyzed through a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system, a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) system, and other methods to test for aerobic organisms, yeast, fungus, E. coli, pesticides, heavy toxic metals, cannabinoid potency, and terpenes. With these multiple analyses performed we can weigh the Hemp Extract for making our blends knowing that the cannabinoid rich oil is pure and consistent throughout every batch made. Then, once our final Hemp products are prepared they are further analyzed, once again, for their potency and purity, so our clients can know that every finished product we sell contains what we claim and is free from any potential contaminants. Buying CannaWell supplements you can be assured that EVERY bottle contains exactly what is advertised.
2) Unrefined, Organic Virgin Hempseed Oil
The cold pressed hempseed oil is also from an industrial hemp variety of Cannabis sativa which doesn’t require herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Hemp seed oil is considered to be very nutritious and also carries the perfect 3:1 ration of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.